Which of the two Millsap and Gasol would you want to see join the Raps for AB in a not necesarily direct trade?
Is there someone else out there who seems like a better fit?

I go for Millsap hands down because it would be much easier for the team to adapt to his style of play than Gasol's. I also believe that he wouldn't want as much as Gasol would next year, if he would be interested in re-signing. Millsap is strech 4 kinda like bargs a bit but is much more agressive and pulls down 8 REBs a game.

Gasol (but arguably not as good as his little Bro) is one of the better guys to have under the basket but I don't see him acustoming to a non-hollywood salary here in Toronto. I do hope that if he is pulled in, that it won't have anything to do with the fact that he is European. Another BIG question with this guy is his health(he has some knee problems or something).

According to me BC needs to get Bargnani OUT and Millsap IN WITHOUT losing their "so far not so great, hopefully soon to be great" PG duo in Lowry and Calderon.