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Is Jose a good backup though? He is super classy and I appreciate his professionalism and all but when he was backing up Lowry it wasn't like we were kicking ass when the starters were resting.

I fell into this trap earlier this season. I felt that with Jose as a backup we would be a lot better than last year when we were using Bayless/Anthony as backups. However we are regressing. I think Jose is a better starter than a backup, but he's not that great of a starter to keep him.
I really think he's a great starting player. Not all-star calibre, but just under it. I mean, he's leading the league in triple-doubles this season. He's a very, very good point guard. His passing and court vision is really beautiful, his jump-shot is really nice (needs to be a little more aggressive), and even though he is a TERRIBLE defender, he's improved under Casey. Any team in the league would love to sign him, acquire him for the right price. Jose is too good to be coming off the bench, and a general starter.

One reason I think this team has regressed with him coming off the bench, is he's playing most minutes beside Lowry/Lucas. It's too ineffective because Calderon and Lowry are two different guys. The 2-guard lineup works better when the pass-first guy is handling the ball, and the more aggressive guard off the ball.

One example was last season when we had Bayless starting at the 2, with Calderon at the 1. Let's face it, Bayless and Calderon played really well together.

Jose is a very good point guard, and he made his name/living in Toronto as a back-up, there's no doubt he is a good back-up. Is he good off-the-ball? Well, he's clearly better when trying to create for others..