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    Default Why not?

    Bobcats trade Tyrus Thomas and Gerald Henderson for Andrea Bargnani.

    Pacers trade Danny Granger and DJ Augustin for Jose Calderon and Gerald Henderson.

    Raptors trade Jose Calderon & Andrea Bargnani for Danny Granger, DJ Augustin and Tyrus Thomas.

    Why would Charlotte do this?
    They are rumored to be ready to trade Gerald Henderson since they already have Taylor and Gordon who are doing a decent job at the 2 spot. Plus they get rid of a huge contract in Tyrus Thomas'. Also, they get another scoring threat in Andrea Bargnani. Talent wise, he's better than Thomas, and I think the Bobcats need talent. Bargs could finally find his game in a new situation.

    Why would Indiana do this?
    Granger has been in trade rumors for years now, and since he's injured, Paul George is playing at a star level at the 3 spot. Since they moved George to SF, they would need another SG. Here comes Gerald Henderson, who has lost his spot in Bobcats' rotation, but he's a really good player who can definitely play starting minutes at shooting guard, specially in a team in need of a SG. They also end the bad Augustin experience and get a veteran PG who's a leader and a really good team player who can also shoot with the best of em'. Jose's 10M contract ends up at the end of the season.

    Why would Toronto do this?
    They get rid of their two players who have been in trade rumors; Bargs is simply not fitting in the team anymore and they get something out of Jose's contract. They finally get their starting small forward they've been waiting for years. Granger is a really good scorer who can also rebound and defend. In Augustin they get a really good backup PG who's in need of a new scenario. He is a team player and he can also score the ball really well. They also get Tyrus Thomas. Although his contract is huge, this PF is a really good 3rd option at the 4 spot (or 4th if Kleiza plays at PF). He plays hard, blocks shots and he is a very explosive player.

    Here's what the team would look like after the trade:

    Seriously, I think it's the best trade idea I ever had. I think that every of these teams would get something positive out of this trade and I also think that it could be realistic. And you, what do you think of this?
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