This is a thread, somewhat influenced by Enlightenment, who asked in the thread 'Rebuilding: Who is doing it right?'.

Enlightenment: Who was the better first overall PG pick?

John Wall or Kyrie Irving?
Now, this isn't much about the draft, but more about the point guards.

My question I pose to all of you is, who do you believe, will be the best point guards in the future?
It could be your top 5, it could be your top 3, top 10 whatever it may be. Also state, specifically how far/near into the future? ex: 3 years, my top 3 guards are; etc, etc, etc.

I'm a point guard myself, and I love watching great play from the floor general, and seeing how they get their teammates involved, and how to make an impact on the game.

My list goes for Top 5, in 4-5 years.

In order:

1 - Derrick Rose (once, or if ever returns to complete form).
2 - Kyrie Irving
3 - Ricky Rubio
4 - Russel Westbrook
5 - Eric Bledsoe

The best point guards in the league have something special about them. You look at the point guard position, and the future? It is very bright for a number of players. Eric Bledsoe, a kid who really came into his own last season playing behind Chris Paul, and Chauncey Billups. Having the ability to learn from two experienced, high talent, star calibre players, makes you a better player yourself. His last two seasons in the league so far have been a joy to watch. Many believe in years time, he will be taking over the reigns as a starter be it in a Clipper uniform, or elsewhere looking for a kid to run their team. This guy is a joy to watch, and I can't wait to see him grow even more. His jump-shot has improved, he's extremely strong, and very athletic. He's developed a better sense of where his players are, and learned to see the floor better. The Kentucky product reminds me a lot of a 'better attitude' Steve Francis. He came into the league as a high risk, high reward player, and well, quite frankly, The Clippers have gotten one heck of a reward.