Finally, the guys are starting to click like they did during the Preseason. The bench is looking deep once again and the tempo seems to be going strong. If I'm not mistaken, both Barg & Kyle were injured for most of those games and we played well. Be it, preseason or not, we the boys played great ball.

The way they are playing at the moment reminds me of those days. We had one of the toughest schedule to start the NBA this year and with only 3 games home stand as our longest, the boys are going to be collecting some serious air miles. But with all those close games we lost and all those tough losses, I am starting to believe that they learned a very valuable lesson on how to toughen up and fight to the end. With that they should be able to now win close games and who knows what can happen between now and end of season. In the words of Garnett "Anything's Possible!"

What do you guys think? Am I just reading into thing too much or might he finally be turning the corner?