It's my first post so go easy on me, and sorry for the essay.

With all this talk about the biggest failures of Bryan Colangelo, I thought I’d ask the question, “What would you have REALISTICALLY done differently if they had fired BC and hired you before the 2012 draft?”

Here’s what I would have HONESTLY done:
• Draft Andre Drummond and Quincy Miller (because I read DraftExpress a lot)
• Trade Valanciunas, Demar Derozan, and 35th pick (Quincy Miller) for James Harden and 28th pick (Perry Jones III) – OKC would make this trade!
• Keep Perry Jones III or trade him to Chicago for Marquis Teague (picked 29th) or Jimmy Butler; Chicago probably doesn’t bite on a project PF because they have the rights to Mirotic and need a back-up point guard, so we may end up keeping Jones III.
• Trade next lottery pick for Kyle Lowry (top 3 protected)
• Re-sign Alan Anderson
• Trade Andrea Bargnani for anything (hopefully a small forward or else a trade exception and a 2013/2014 pick). Every year I plan to disavow the Raps unless they unload him, so this pleases me.
• Amnesty Linas Kleiza and his 9 million for the next two years (signalling a new era of watchability)
• Sign Louis Williams to a 3 year 18 million deal
o If he won’t go for the extra money because he went to high school in Georgia, sign Alexy Shved to a 3 year 11 million deal (because he was the MAN for Russia at only 23 and he’s destined to be a clutch shotmaker)
• If we netted a trade exception and a pick in the Bargnani deal, we sign Landry Fields to a 3 year 14 million offer sheet
o If NYK matches, we trade cash for Kyle Korver (last year of contract that pays 5 mil) or sign one of the Brewers (Corey at 3 mil or Ronnie at 2 mil). We stay patient and use a future pick on a young small forward.
• Sign 2-3 veterans with remaining 8-10 million: I suggest any of C Brewer (3 per), R Brewer (2 per), R Evans (2 per), J O’Neal (min), S Pavlovic (1.5 per), M Pietrus (2 per), but I gather the input of my coaches before going after anyone.
• Sign a partially-guaranteed D-leaguer or two

2012-2013 Salary
Guards (22): Kyle Lowry (6), Louis Williams (6), Jose Calderon (10)
Wings (12): James Harden (6), Landry Fields or Kyle Korver (5), Alan Anderson (1)
Bigs (12.5): Amir Johnson (7), Ed Davis (3), Andre Drummond (2.5),
Other (1): Perry Jones III or Marquis Teague (1)
2012-13 Salary = 47.5 million + 10 million for three noted vets and a D-leaguer to stay under the cap
2013-14 Salary = Calderon’s 10 mil covers the +8 for Harden’s extension and annual increases for other players. Some of the other 10 mil has to be on one year contracts to extend Davis at season’s end while staying under the luxury tax threshold.

Ideal 2013-14 nine man rotation (age at start of 2013-14 season)
PG: Kyle Lowry (27)
SG: James Harden (24)
SF: Landry Fields (25)
PF: Ed Davis (24)
C: Andre Drummond (20)
6th man / Bench scorer: Louis Williams (27)
PG: Marcus Teague (20)
Wing: Corey Brewer (27)
Big: Amir Johnson (26)
Rotation Salary = 47 million

Strengths: ATHLETICISM! (height, speed, aggressiveness), rebounding, 2-way potential, identity, guard-play
Weaknesses: Outside shooting of forwards and big men, unknown development of Drummond, Davis, and Teague

What would need to happen to contend for a trophy:
Landry Fields > 40% 3pt
Ed Davis > 45% mid-range
Andre Drummond > 60% FT
Lowry > 75 games played
OKC plane crash! :P

BC’s 2013-14 nine man rotation
PG: Kyle Lowry (27)
SG: Terrence Ross (22)
SF: Demar Derozan (24)
PF: Ed Davis (24)
C: Jonas Valanciunas (21)
6th man / Bench scorer: Andrea Bargnani (28)
PG: John Lucas III (20)
Wing: Landry Fields (27)
Big: Amir Johnson (26)
Rotation Salary = 50 million

Did I do much better? I'm not really sure I did.

What would be your realistic 2013-2014 roster if you started from draft day 2012?