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The matter of fact that Calderon has started more games than Lowry has nothing to do with talent or ability to take it to the next level. In this regard Lowry can still develop into an elite pg. He's never going to be CP3 or Rondo (and yeah, Rondo is an elite pg now; I remember only last year ppl here threw him under the bridge). He just does not have the passing/court vision (and not going to learn that); however, he can become a poor's man Westbrook. He isn't far now.

The stat you have brought up is irrelevant. I was referring to the overall skill level of Calderon, and not just with the Raps. Fact is, he wouldn't start on the majority of the teams and he wouln't have started so many games on a good team. I think it's clear. If anything, this stat points to the fact that the Raps have never had a solid point guard since Damon.
I don't think I could disagree with you more regarding Jose's ability to be a successful starter... If you took Jose right now, and dropped him back in time on any of the NBA champions in the last 5 years, he would have been a starter on most.

2012 - Miami - They started: Mario Chalmers... this is a no-brainer
2011 - Dallas - They started: Jason Kidd... in this case, Kidd gets the nod, but Calderon is a superior offensive player at this stage of their careers.
2010 - Lakers - They started: Derek Fisher... Jose, by a lot.
2009 - Lakers - They started: Derek Fisher... rinse, repeat
2008 - Celtics - They started: Rajon Rondo... Rondo is obviously now, a waaayyy better player than Jose, but rookie rondo vs. current Jose? I'd say 2012 Jose. Rondo couldn't hit a shot to save his life as a rookie.

Fact is, Jose's overall skill is very good. I would even say that Jose is even an elite shooter/distributor. He just doesn't have the foot speed or defensive capabilities to actually be considered an elite point guard.

That said, if the right deal comes along, of course, Jose should be traded, just like any other player on this team.