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I honestly don't see Ross being better than Derozan. I like Ross, he is fairly more skilled than Derozan is, but, I don't know, Ross's ceiling isn't nearly as high as Derozan's.

One thing to remember in all of this is Ross is 1.5 years older than DD was as a rookie but right now it is evident that:

1) Ross has a better handle than DD did as a rook,
2) Ross is already a much better defender than DD,
3) Ross is a much better shooter mechanically and I feel confident that with more experience he will be better statistically as well,
4) Ross is not a good rebounder now and it took DD in to his 4th year to start doing it,
5) Neither are great passers,
6) while both players are extremely athletic, Ross seems to have much more fluidity and explosiveness.

It is all opinion afterall until a few years down the road but I'm excited about Ross' potential.