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I think its very difficult to get a good grasp of anyone on that Kings organization because they are such a mess. I don't watch alot of Sacramento ball so I'm not going to pretend to be an expert on them but how they view their players seems so chaotic. One minute they are treating Evans like a franchise player, and then they try to move him around and take the ball out of his hands. Then it looks like they are going to Cousins, and they do the same thing there. The team shows some promise with Thomas running the point, and Smart proceeds to bench him and leave him deep in the depth chart. They show no signs of wanting anything resembling leadership on the court. Ownership is trying its hardest to pinch every dime to the point I'm sure they'd pay their players in General Mills coupons if possible. From all accounts they can't wait to get the team out of Sacramento.

Cousin's was viewed as a hot head before coming into the league, and hasn't shown much to change that reputation. But that entire organization is a complete disaster. A bit tin foil hat here, but I'm actually quite convinced they are trying to put their players in bad situations so they can undercut their salaries when rookie deals run out.
All good points.

My thought is because things are chaotic around you it doesn't mean you have to add to the chaos or lower yourself to that level. I know we are talking about a young man with maturity problems as it is but his actions and response to his environment is exactly why I would not want him on any team I was associated with or cheered for.