Was listening to Simmons and Zach Lowe talk about how bad the Celtics need a rebounder on the BS report. Got me thinking... we need rid of AB, I want any trade to return a net value player, clear up the logjam in the front court and not totally kill our PG brigade.

That being said, 4 team deal TO/LAL/UTAH/BOS

Toronto gets:
Milsap/MoWill (expiring) /Raja Bell (buyout)

LAL gets

Utah gets

Boston gets

Boston needs a rebounder/defender to help out KG. They are desperate and Sully is just bad so far. They also have a logjam at the 2 with Terry/Lee/AB and they have plans for an AB/Rondo Backcourt anyway. Lee is the odd man out. Amir gives them 3 things they need: Energy, Rebounding and D.

LAL gets the "floor stretcher" for D'Antonis O and Nash lite

Utah... this deal really doesn't help them so I can't see them doing it. Lee gives them a versatile 2 guard which they need, sliding Haywood to the 3. Pau is under contract for 2 years so they could keep him and let Al Jeff walk instead of reupping for a no D big with worse knees than Gasol who'd be coming off the books in time for Kanter to take over. This would also clear space for Favors to take control of the 4/5 which they seem big on. Only problem, huge problem, is it leaves them without a pg but they do seem to really like Randy Foye. But is a Foye/burks/Tinsley lineup really gonna get it done?

Raps get rid of AB (yay!) get value for Jose (double yay!) and bring on a beast in Milsap who I think would tear it up with JV. Opens up time for ED too. They get a one year rental in Mo dubs and would Raja bell could finally be bought out (what a saga that's been!).

Anyhow, not perfect but it works according to the trade machine over at ESPN. Thoughts?