Since we drafted Ross, the first couple weeks, I'm not gonna lie. I was a little disappointed because we didn't draft Austin Rivers. He had one good game in the Summer League, the rest were fairly mediocre. From that point on, I sort of threw Ross under the radar, and sort of just said "yeah, yeah, he'll be okay."

Being a huge Derozan homer, with people comparing the 2, I found it silly (I still find it silly today with the complete differences in style of game-play), because Derozan also has the potential to be very good. I guess I was going under some tunnel vision at the time, and not truly recognizing that Ross was (and still) a project.

But, ever since he started getting some burn, man he hasn't disappointed. The guy can handle the ball, he can shoot from basically anywhere on the floor, arguably as good as athleticism as Demar (some say better), wonderful on-ball, system defender, and he knows the game of basketball. Not to mention the stage presence he possesses. Every time he touches the ball, it gives you a random feeling he's going to pull off something spectacular.

So, my point is, Terrence Ross has proven me - probably many as well - wrong. This guy is a really good talent, with really good potential. I'm just excited to have two really good wing players, who will be with this team for awhile, and both willing to grow and get better at each part of the game.

Time to get my head out of my Derozan homer head, because there's no doubt Ross has the capabilities to be a better player than Demar, not to mention he could be an elite wing in the league.

With all the Bargnani stuff going on, and the BC mistakes, I'm just happy to know we've got a really bright future (near, and far) with Ross, Derozan, Valanciunas, Lowry, and Davis.

Oh yeah, forgot Jonas Valanciunas is on this team... That's a good thing by the way.