On playing the older wings...I don't see it as a huge problem, and definitely not an Alan Anderson problem. Right now he's stronger and does more things than Ross. That doesn't mean Ross can't take a couple of his minutes. And if Fields comes back, and you know, is worth even half his contract, PIetrus should become the 5th wing. He clearly just does have knee issues, so his legs are not there a lot of nights.
Having a guy like Alan is good. He does play hungry, as they have been saying so much lately. That is great to have in general, but especially at a position where there's competition. I don't think it matters so much if he's a vet or a young player. He might take a few too many shots, but he does generally earn his minutes so it forces Ross to do the same. Don't think it's a coincidence they've both been playing well lately, especially given they share time on the court.