I see numerous posts talking about resigning Calderon. Here is a question:

Do you actually think he wants to stay?

In the last couple of years there have been comments, interviews, and rumours of his and/or his agent's desire to play in a warmer climate, to play for a winner, to be a starter, and to be traded. On top of that, the organization brought in TJ Ford, Jarrett Jack, and now Kyle Lowry to send him back to the bench. He was traded once but never went through and he has been widely known to have been on the block for the last 3 years.

People will talk about money and how the Raps can offer most than MLE because of Bird Rights. I wonder if that is wise. As his current contract has shown, overpaid players are not easy to move. Calderon himself has talked about signing another contract beyond this year for 2-3 seasons. With career earnings over $45M and a 3 year deal taking him to $55M-$60M, is an extra million or two per year going to make a difference in Toronto?

I think it is well known my opinion on Calderon. I'd like to see him moved for assets that will help the team beyond 2-3 years down the road.

With all of this said, I return to the start, do you think he actually wants to return to Toronto? I don't know but I don't think it is the given so many around here think it is. The flip side to being a true professional is once the contract is up, so are your obligations.