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Thread: Do you think Calderon actually wants to resign in Toronto?

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    On a related note ....

    In the past I've said Turkyglue was the right guy, at the wrong time. If Lowry was the PG, with a Point Forward like Hedo, this debate might be over. I could only imagine HT with a hard nosed Coach - pound the rock, no slacking - type like Casey. No f*@king stupid pizza commercials though - especially hard to take with all that was going on.

    If Raps do go with Kyle, they need a SF who is like Hedo was. Good defender would help. As would being a prime shooter.

    Oh wait .... that's Lebron.
    Oh well. Never mind


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    Quote RapthoseLeafs wrote: View Post
    What happens if you've heard that "chick" had some serious problems, but you thought she was cute. "I can change her" ... "She seems so nice" ...... Then she does it to you.

    The thing with Lowry, is that your position denies the deja vu experience. What happened to the Rockets - Starting PG goes down - is happening again, or will be, once Kyle is ready to play. Essentially Dragic put up better numbers. As has Jose (7-6), while Lowry has not (2-13).

    Kyle is a talented player. But his record suggests he has achieved no more success then Jose.
    Lowry has one less year then JC. For his part, Calderon is 11 - 0 in play-off appearances. Was Kyle worth a 10-14th pick? Most definitely. Is he the most talented player on the team. Probably - although Jonas (and possibly Ross) should blow by at some point. Is he the MVP on the Raptors. Not in my opinion.

    Who is?
    Maybe Jose. Demar is in that running. That would be it.
    Andrea had the potential - and still does - but we've beaten that one to death.


    All that being said, I am seeing a long range objective for the Raptors future. I want them in the play-offs - next year for sure. I also want them to hold onto Jonas & Ross - barring any stupid trade (like LeBron coming back ... lol). Those too need a mentoring PG. Lowry is not that, although one could argue Dragic elevated his game while running alongside.

    You ask ... why trade your better talents?
    How about if those talents will get you a Star player. If Lowry (quality PG)/ Ed (quality PF) / Demar (top SG) AS A PACKAGE, could get you a Star, would you do it?

    I would.

    I know you think I remove AB from the equation, but with how much venom is out there, his value has plummetted. Even if he stays till the end of next season, he will either be moved to another team, or the 6th man off the Bench. Ed will not be the replacement either.

    Jonas & Ross aside ... Everyone is for sale - or trade ..... (same diff).

    The chick is perfectly sane unlike the guy (and Raptor fans).

    16 games played and 12 were injured. Given Lowry's talent he deserves much more of an opportunity.

    Lowry has been predominant starting PG on +.500 team in the WEST for 2-3 seasons with a team lacking real star power. I'd give that much more credence than Jose's accomplishments in Toronto.

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    Quote Matt52 wrote: View Post
    I see numerous posts talking about resigning Calderon. Here is a question:

    Do you actually think he wants to stay?

    In the last couple of years there have been comments, interviews, and rumours of his and/or his agent's desire to play in a warmer climate, to play for a winner, to be a starter, and to be traded. On top of that, the organization brought in TJ Ford, Jarrett Jack, and now Kyle Lowry to send him back to the bench. He was traded once but never went through and he has been widely known to have been on the block for the last 3 years.

    People will talk about money and how the Raps can offer most than MLE because of Bird Rights. I wonder if that is wise. As his current contract has shown, overpaid players are not easy to move. Calderon himself has talked about signing another contract beyond this year for 2-3 seasons. With career earnings over $45M and a 3 year deal taking him to $55M-$60M, is an extra million or two per year going to make a difference in Toronto?

    I think it is well known my opinion on Calderon. I'd like to see him moved for assets that will help the team beyond 2-3 years down the road.

    With all of this said, I return to the start, do you think he actually wants to return to Toronto? I don't know but I don't think it is the given so many around here think it is. The flip side to being a true professional is once the contract is up, so are your obligations.
    In agreement.

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    I'm surprised ~60% of the group voted yes, I'd like some of that green you're smoking. No chance he resigns.

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    There's no way he'll resign, he's just too much of a professional to do something like that. However I do think at the end of his contract there's a good chance he'll re-sign with the team, provided he's willing to take a significant paycut.
    your pal,

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