I really hope, it's not Danny Granger because he's not that good of a player besides his knee is busted, I kinda hope it's either Rudy Gay or Luol Deng or even Danilo Galinari or Derrick Williams. However, if D.Granger gets in shape and become the player he once was, then take a chance at him, he's near his prime and perhaps have a good 5-6 years in him but let's hope he won't pull of a Hedo Turkolu and become a bust for us and wasn't he who said he doesn't want to play for the Raptors when we drafted Joey Graham back in the days. I don't know, just saying.

Toronto out: Bargs, Calderon, Kleiza
Toronto in: Granger, Augustin, Hibbert???

Wishful thinking if we can land both Granger and Hibbert.