We have an old Raptors problem once again rearing its ugly head: we don't score in the paint. This year we are 27th in the league, which is down from 25th last year. We don't have anyone on the team who even tries to drive it with Ross and DD being trigger happy and Jose being more perimeter oriented. John Lucas drives sometimes but I'm not sure he is the guy we want taking it to the hoop. Our bigs either don't have the the experience or are too small to get deep post often enough to make a difference.

I think there is a simple answer to this problem: we need Lowry back. While Jose has been playing out of his mind I think we've forgotten why Lowry was brought in: he can get to the rim. All other things aside, we need a guy who can get in the paint because we don't have the shooting talent on this team to beat good teams by chucking. When Lowry started the year playing out of his mind we were all excited, then he got hurt and came back to soon and now everyone wants him gone. I think he needs a chance to come back 100% and remind us why we were so excited.