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“We’ll see in the next couple of days but right now Jose is the starting point guard and has done a solid job of running the team, building trust, directing the young guys, making sure they’re in the right place.”

“He’s one of the main reasons why Terrence Ross has progressed at the right pace,” Casey said of Calderon. “He’s quarterbacked him, talked him through situations and really been a mentor for him on the court.”

These are the points that matter. If Jose is big asset in the development of Davis, JV and Ross, then that trumps all. This season is a write-off anyway and no draft pick either, so....
All the more reason for Jose to be the back-up, cause Ross isn't starting. JV should probably come off the bench when he comes back. So Jose can be the back-up, and work with Ross and JV. Lowry can start and work with Demar and Davis. Demar has already looked more intense this year, which part of it could be Lowry.

Jose can start for the next week or so, but at the end of the day, Lowry is the better player and needs to get the lion's share of the minutes. You don't lose your starting spot because of injury. Lowry was epic before his first injury of the season, then came back too fast and wasn't the same before getting hurt again. Bring him along at a reasonable pace, but he is the starter. Jose has done a nice job of keeping the seat warm (and increasing his trade value) but at the end of the season, that is all he has done.

It is unfair to compare Jose to Bargnani, but has Jose just pulled a Bargnani 13-gamer where everyone forgets reality and starts to think he is more than what he is?