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Thread: Addressing myths approaching Lowry's return

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    I think Lowry should be given a chance. Bargnani has played without Lowry, I don't think Lowry has played without Bargnani.

    As a side note, I think Lowry has been sitting beside Bargnani on the bench? That dude is an energy sapper, get away from Bargs asap.

    I'm trying to imagine a conversation with them on the bench:

    Lowry: The team's winning!

    Bargnani: *breathes through mouth*

    Lowry: So, do you think the team will be better once we're healthy?

    Bargnani: *breathes through mouth*

    Lowry: Forget it, I'm going to sit beside Kleiza.

    Kleiza: *mumbling curses at the ref*
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