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I've never understood the argument that aa great point guard speeds up development. What it does is get your guys easy looks that a lessser point won't get you, which artificially inflates your player's value. It is certainly good to have a guy like that for winning games but I think it actually slows down development because everything get's spoonfed to your guys. I think a scoring point guard gives just as much oppurtunity.

Calderon can be just as much of a mentor on the bench. Lowry's so called "attitude" has not made itself evident since he arrived here, he seems very competitive and hungry, but that is the sort of player you want your youth around.

Lowry will be the starter by the end of the season, he is both a better player and a better fit for the team.
I don't think you can under value the mindset of players when it comes to their offense. Giving players easy opportunity to score is detrimental to their development? Seriously? No sense here at all. What is detrimental to their development is asking them to do all the dirty work on D and then never feeding them the ball and looking for you own shot all the time. How long do you think guys will continue to battle for their "leader" if he is the one taking shots from 10 feet behind the arc with 20 seconds left on the shot clock? Lowry's attitude has been more than evident since his arrival and I like his attitude as long as he can back it up with smart ball on both ends of the court.

I would much rather have as many guys on the team contributing to the offense on a nightly basis than rely on one guy for 30 points every night. This has been the case for the last 6 or 7 games and I think it shows in the level of engagemement by the players on both ends helping each other out.