A friend of mine asked me this question on the Christmas day special, and I've got to be honest, this question left me in awe.

His specific question was "Who would be your #1 guy off the bench? Jamal Crawford, or J.R. Smith?"

Who would you take and why?

I originally said J.R. Smith because this guy is a threat and bound to score 40 out of nowhere, plus his energy seems to carry a team. J.R. Smith is extremely athletic as well, this guy will put you on a poster. Than I realized Jamal Crawford is also bound for 40 out of nowhere, and brings the same type of energetic play, plus I love the improvisation, behind-the-back, in-&-around... He can pull off everything.

This may not be a huge topic, but I thought it was kind of interesting due to the fact both players are excelling this season, & it seems like the 6th man award is going to be a 2-man race.