Toronto out: Bargs, Lowry, Fields, Amir
Toronto in: Boozer, Deng, Carter, Kaman

Chicago out: Boozer, Deng, Hinrich
Chicago in: Bargs, Lowry, Marion

Dallas out: Kaman, Carter, Marion
Dallas in: Fields, Amir, Hinrich

Raps Lineups
Boozer/Davis/Kleiza/Acy (waived or D-league)
Kaman/Val/Gray (Three White dudes at the Center - not a bad combo - just a joke)

Raps Logic: Raps get Deng who is a terrific defender slash offensive player, Boozer, on the other hand, could provide us with some interior D and offense scoring option, although not as good as Bargs, I still see him posting at least 15ppts 10+rpg. I hope with Amir + Fields can net us Kaman and Carter, probably will send them a 1st round pick.

Bulls Logic: Bargs can be their new PF while Lowry can play the guard spot until Rose gets back, the Bulls will have one of the best backcourt in the league with Rose and Lowry. The Bulls also acquire Marion in exchange for Hinrich, Marion can replace Deng.

Mavs Logic: Mavs get Fields, Amir, and Hinrich. Three decent role players who can all contribute given minutes especially Amir who could start at Center for the team while Fields will battle for the starting SF spot with Crowder, perhaps a change of scenery to a playoff contending team like the Mavs can rejuvenate his career while Hinrich will provide veteran help as a backup PG for Collison.