I know he's only played 28 games but I'm curious to hears peoples thoughts.


7.8 5.2 1.1 52.4 70.3 0.3 1.1

How is he playing compared to how you thought he would play? (honestly haha - we should check Everything Valanciunas for predictions)

In his 28 games whose style did you see most in him? (Noah, Asik, Chandler, Gasol)?

How do you see his campaign vs other young Cs (Drummond, Leonard, Zeller, Bismack, Kanter, Vucevic) and where do you see him ranking against them going forward?

Personally I've been impressed by his play so far. He's shown a strong bball IQ (probably due playing professional ball in Europe for a few years already). Having said that he seems more raw than I expected it's more energy and effort then natural talent (ie Anthony Davis) that has established his play. He is not as strong or athletic as Drummond but if he can get his FT% higher he could be one of the few Cs in the league where you could keep him in during crunch time and feed him the ball without worrying about 'hack-a-shaq' tactics.