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RE: Lebron's first year

I don't know, I remember it differently. This was a quarter into the season, I remember having a conversation at work with another basketball aficionado saying he was not all that impressed with LBJ considering the hype he got that year.

Remember him being hot one game, and having a lot of games where he would score 10 points or less on 40 minutes of work, which for a player of his talent is puzzling.

3 here in October to start the season, I am not going to list all the bad games.


but for the most part remember him having a lot of 5/17 nights, with really awful FG% and horrible shot selection, not very efficient at all. He was getting tons of minutes and had control of the ball so the ppg that year never impressed me that much, he really wasn't that good in his first year. Lots of poor decisions, forced shots he really did not come on as a player till much later in the season.

I remember Lebron struggling with how the game was played at the NBA level, maybe it was for a short time, but never the less, I remember that he did. So to me its a good example illustrating that even talent of the caliber of a LeBron James will have a learning curve when entering the league.
Lebron James had an elite rookie season and has since gone on to be one of the best players ever. The hype was clearly justified.

If a 6'9" 250lb 19 year old comes into the league, thats strong enough to cover PFs yet can play PG while putting up a rookie year thats comparable to Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson and Larry Bird doesn't impress, you are one hard man to impress