I was watching one of our recent wins, and near the end of the game, it was a contest of fouls and free-throws. It got me thinking how under-valued FT% is as an offensive stat. I was watching Jose go to the line and make shots, like he usually does and it got me thinking. FT% seems to remain pretty constant compared to other offensive numbers. A guy can have streaky field goal shooting, or be in a slump, but the free-throws seem to be less effected. I feel way better seeing a guy with an 80%+ FT% getting fouled, than I do watching him try and make a contested, or even open shot with the game on the line. This particular game was sealed because Jose kept getting the ball when they went to foul. We always look for, and give praise to a player who can make the game winning field goal when the shot is needed and the pressure is on, but I rarely considered that in the right situation, having a guy, or couple of guys with exceptional FT% can be the same thing. FT% seems to get looked at as a nice extra to the more glamorous stats, but in crunch time, a 90% guy at the line is as important for a win as having that big time shot maker. How do you guys see it? Is a high FT% guy a nice thing to have, or key? Does having 90%+ FT need to be considered more, when discussing a guy like Jose's overall offensive value?