Jordan Hill is now out for the season - no backup C. Things continue to get worse in LakerLand.

I wonder if any deal sending Gasol to Minnesota is becoming more appealing to Minnesota.

Raps: Derrick Wililams, Chris Duhon (only $1.5M of his contract guaranteed for next season).
Wolves: Gasol, Jamison
Lakers: Bargnani, Pekovic, Ridnour, Lee

Obvious for Raps why: shed Bargnani, get a prospect, free up $4.5M in cap space for this summer.
Wolves supposedly want Gasol.... bad. As one of the best passing big men in the game, he'd probably work wonders in Adelman's system.
Lakers get a stretch 4, back up C (well, starting as long as D12 is out), back up PG, and save $3.5M in luxury tax this summer.