Kind of late to join to do this, but wanted to know if anyone is interested in joining a 12-team fantasy league (room for expansion next year).

Problem is there are about 2 users in the league that are inactive (not setting their lineups as often as they should be) and it sort of ruins the competitiveness of the league. So I'd like to find 2 willing and interested people that would like to take over their teams. Keep in mind that it's not hard to be could set your lineup weeks in advance..

The league works on a weekly head-to-head matchup , and is a keeper league (2 players), which we may change if we expand the league for next year.

The fantasy website is Fleaflicker, one of the better, if not the best, fantasy sports sites on the web IMO.

I should mention that both these teams up for replacing don't have insanely great records, but do have very good players and their record simply reflects their inactivity. They still have a good shot at the playoffs.

So drop a message if interested.