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Thread: Don't The (C)Raptors Always Go On A Win Streak This Time Of Year?

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    Quote LBF wrote: View Post
    If he had stated what you have he indeed would have caught me talking out my ass.

    But, he didn't. So, his point is irrelevant.
    I didn't address the inaccuracies and issues with your post/thread because, in my opinion, it was a total waste of time given your admitted lack of game viewing. If that makes me a Raptor snob, so be it, but I really do prefer the views of those actually watching the games versus those making shit up from box scores/standings of this and past seasons. Given the content of the original post with your recent admitted lack of game viewing over the last few seasons, I chalked it up to pot stirring and/or trolling hence my initial reply. But by all means keep starting opinion driven threads founded on factually baseless and inaccurate views derived from media reports and box scores.

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    Alright, but, only because you say so.

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