Toronto out: Bargs, Lowry, Ross, Davis
Toronto in: Gay, Arthur, J.Smith

Memphis out: Gay, Arthur, Conley
Memphis in: Bargs, Lowry, J.Teague, J.Jenkins

Atlanta out: J.Smith, J.Teague, J.Jenkins
Atlanta in: Ross, Davis, Conley

Raps Lineups

Raps Logic: We get two current and future allstars in Gay and J.Smith in exchange of Bargs, Lowry, Ross, and Davis who once believed to be the cornerstone of our franchise. We would be a force in the Atlantic division, possibly a chance to win the title, head to head with the New York Knicks with 2013-14 season roams along.

Grizzlies Logic: Bargs will be their 6th man off the bench unless they start him at the 3, while Lowry will play for the team that once drafted him but this time, he will be the starting PG for the team. Jeff Teague is a good PG only as a backup whereas J.Jenkins has huge upside at the 2 spot

Hawks Logic: The Hawks get Ross who might thrive well at the 2 spot when L.Williams gets traded or serve as a backup 2. Davis with a change of scenery might start up his career and the best place for him is the Hawks, a fresh new start, I see Davis has huge upside over J.Smith and he's a legit 4 to play alongside Horford. Conley is a great addition at the PG spot.