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have you ever even watched Rudy Gay play. Raps fans hate on Bargs and Demar for underachieving? If Gay had been playing here and been under the same scrutiny, he would've been lynched by now.
Gay hasn't lived up to his max contract. I get that. If he was making a few million less, there wouldn't be many complaints. But that's really the biggest complaint regarding Gay (his contract). The Raptors are littered with horrible contracts (Bargnani, DeRozan, Kleiza, Fields). Finding a way to unload these guys for a player with actual skill, makes sense to me.

Gay has post-up game, mid-range game, outside game, can create his own shot, wants the ball in crunch time, is a good defender, a solid rebounder, and can find the open man when double-teamed. When was the last time we had such a complete player? I don't understand how anyone could look at his low shooting percentages and conclude Gay isn't multi-skilled.