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I actually like this trade as well. I think it would be awesome to add these two vets who are still very capable of leading and putting the team on their shoulders.

I do have a couple of concerns. Lets say with these two guys the Raps do make a run, im not saying championship but a very high possibility past the first round. after the season, both go off the books. big cap space, but how would they be able to attract a big name FA when two big FAs just left the team? Im assuming both wont resign, actually im hoping both dont resign because Pierce is going to be 37 and Gasol 33. Unless JV, Ed, Ross, Lowry play spectacularly next season and show that they can handle the reigns, i still dont think a big name FA will be able to look at the remaining pieces and say, me and this group can be contenders.

If the Raptors do get Gay and Gasol, and the Raps make it past the 2nd round next season, there is a bigger possibility that Gay will resign and the Raptors can welcome this with open arms since gay is only 26 (i know not too young but at least younger than 37) and would have enough credibility in the league to pull other big name FAs in.
This is the thing I think people don't get. No one, Rudy Gay included, will re-sign unless young guys develop. What good is getting Rudy Gay if in 3 seasons, our young players aren't as good as we hoped? Then what good would it do to re-sign Gay (reasonable contract or not), especially if you believe as I do, that he's not a franchise player either??...probably also suited to being a 3rd option, maybe 2nd option. If that happens...we're going to be doing the exact same thing as we did with VC and Bosh, but with A WORSE TALENT. We need our young guys to develop as hoped. If not, this won't be an attractive destination even with Gay.
It may take them more than just until next year, but still, I think it's much better for the team in the long run.