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Crazy, crazy, crazy. A winning streak for an otherwise talentless team and suddenly we don't want Rudy Gay anymore. This is where comments like "holy crap, we could have had Kobe for Vince!" are born.
It's not the winning streak it's the development of the team. Derozan is 22 showing his best season yet and could potentially be an all star. Is he a Rudy gay talent? No. But Rudy gay is 4 years older. In 4 years will demar be better than Rudy gay is now? I would believe so. With Ross it's that the way he's been playing, you really don't want to trade one of the guys who's been playing the best basketball on your team. He's 21(?) and compliments demar so well. I could very well see him be a 6th man of the year candidate in the future and the way the raps are playing right now with him I wouldn't wanna give him up. Plus I feel Gay wouldn't compliment derozan the same way Ross does. Not saying I don't want Rudy gay. I just don't want to blow up our core wing players to get him. I'm pretty sure anyone can agree if the raps don't have to give up demar Ross or JV go for Rudy gay. But if they do, is he really worth it?
We could end up being better without him in a few years if we don't blow up our core. Pass on the accelerated rebuild. Only way I want him now is if we give up either of the pg's and Bargnani +pieces.