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I read somewhere today that the Grizz may actually be interested in Calderon as a suitable backup to Conley. I know there is quite a bit of Bayless love around here but if you check his games thus far this season, he is not performing.

The key for Toronto to get Gay will be multiple teams entering the mix.

What a sweet wet dream it would be to have the Lakers and Minnesota enter the mix with Memphis and Toronto. Adding more stimulus to this wet dream, I did read somewhere today that the Wolves/Grizz were speaking about Gay but the Wolves are looking for a big man more than another wing and they have also made it clear Derrick Williams is not a part of the future (or present).

Well, looky here. What did Hollinger have to say about Williams this past summer:

So what about this?


Lakers get stretch 4 and back up PG. By shedding $2M they actually save about $6M in salary and tax.

Memphis get under cap and shed salary with a SF (Williams), PF (Davis), backup PG (Ridnour), and versatile wing (Anderson) in return. Toronto, Minnesota can send picks to Memphis (Raps 2nd round picks, Wolves have Memphis 1st as it is so send it back).

Raptors get the infamous missing wing in Gay. Pekovic becomes starting C as JV is brought back after injury (he could be traded again, resigned this summer). Raps are thin at PF but Amir becomes new starter with a platoon of Fields, Kleiza, Acy doing back up (after January 15th Arthur and Speights can be traded too). Duhon gives a PG but his contract is only guaranteed for $1.5M next season (ie. cut him this summer).

Wolves want Gasol and get Jamison as the big 3 or stretch 4 for their efforts.

I more or less like the trade which gives us a strong-assed center (which would help against Cousin type situations) a second DD-like player in Gay, which is a bit more of a leader than DD, but has plateued. We keep our key young gunz except
ED who I like but is a bit under-sized and weak against tougher players. We loose our best play-maker but hopefully Wroten+Duhon=Calderon. We get the win of trade by getting rid AB and his pasta.

It really is a tough call, main factor in me not liking it is that I don't think that the Timbits would be content with what they get for their 4 players.
They really would get 2 talented old guys who where one of them is limited with knee problems. Otherwise its a good trade I'd my account.