With JV out and Pietrus struggling with his shot. I think it's time to put Amir and Fields in the starting lineup.

The Raps are simply a much better team with Amir on the floor and Fields has really impressed since coming back from his hand injury. His shot is so much better. He brings a lot of energy. Terrific rebounder, plays solid D and has a high basketball IQ.

I also think the Raps are doing Fields disservice by making him play the 4. Specially last night against a big Sacramento Kings team.

Also, call me crazy but i want to see more of Quincy Acy and less Aaron Gray. Raps just look slow whenever Gray is on the floor. Acy on the other hand was the only guy last night that made Cousins work.

Acy was damn impressive last night on the defensive end of the floor. Physical, rugged, tough. Got called for 2 blocking fouls but to me both should've been offensive fouls.