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Thread: Rudy Gay trades again!

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    Default Rudy Gay trades again!
    Toronto receives
    Rudy gay
    Josh Selby

    Phoenix receives
    Andrea Bargnani
    Sacramento 2014 2nd round pick via Toronto
    Toronto 2013 2nd round pick

    Memphis receives
    Jose Calderon
    Michael Beasley
    Alan Anderson
    Minnesota 1st round pick via Phoenix

    Why Toronto?
    Rudy gay. That is all.

    Why Phoenix?
    Beasley isn't the player he was expected to be when they signed him, so they drop his massive contract. They get Bargnani to back up scola and start when scola retires or leaves as a free agent.

    Why Memphis?
    Key here is cap space. They're deep into the tax and Memphis isn't exactly a big market. They get 10 million dollars off the books from Calderon at the end of the season and get rid of Rudy gays large contract. Hopefully with a change of scenery michael Beasley can perform better or not. First rounder evens it out. Anderson has been playing great and has shown he can 100% be a serviceable backup

    Toronto lineup
    Kyle Lowry/John Lucas/Josh Selby
    Demar Derozan/Terrence Ross
    Rudy Gay/Landry Fields/Mickael Pietrus
    Ed Davis/Quincy Acy
    Jonas Valanciunas/Amir Johnson/Aaron Gray

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    I might as well throw my hat in to the ring in the proper forum as well:

    It does..... but that won't kill my Saturday night fun with the ESPN trade machine..... and here goes:

    The always popular 4-team trade:

    Toronto: Gay, Burks, Foye
    Memphis: Udrih, Harris, Dunleavy, GSW 1st rd pick via Utah, 2nd rd pick from Toronto
    Utah: Calderon, Kleiza
    Milwaukee: Marvin Williams, DeRozan, Selby


    Toronto: Gay starting SF. Ross starting SG. Fields 6th man. Burks scoring slasher off bench. Ilyasova stretch 4 who Casey seems to desire and Toronto is reportedly interested in via trade and was interested in last summer as FA.

    Memphis: Udrih back up PG (Bayless is sucking majorly in Memphis this year). Dunleavy starting SF floor spacer (42% 3pt) with visions of 2 year ago playoff run minus Gay. Harris SF of future. Picks. $5M in salary cap space taken off and they are no longer tax payer.

    Utah: Starting PG acquired while keeping most valuable trade assets in Millsap and Jefferson. Trade one useless combo forward for another but save $3M doing so. Also free up 2 roster spaces should they trade Jefferson's big contract.

    Milwaukee: Build their back court of the future with hometown reunion of Jennings and DeRozan. Anderson makes the numbers work. Williams is a player option of $7.5M next season and becomes their SF. Foye is backup PG to replace Udrih. Selby is a throw in for roster space. Milwaukee still has Ellis (and Sammy D's expiring contract) to pursue other trades or if Ellis opts out, he (and Sammy D) becomes cap space.

    Reportedly Milwaukee wants to move Ilyasova. Raps trade Bargnani in a package to get Gasol to Minnesota and receive Derrick Williams, Raps could send him to Milwaukee for Ilyasova. That swap would factor in to the above as well because assuming it was all done at same time it might be reported as one big trade but it would technically be 2 separate trades.

    When the dust settles, Raps lineup:

    PG: Lowry, Foye, Lucas
    SG: Ross, Burks, Anderson
    SF: Gay, Fields
    PF: Davis, Ilyasova, Acy
    C: JV, Amir, Gray

    Bigs are set.
    Wings are thin but Ilyasova could play some 3.
    PG is thin.

    Conspicuous by his absence in all of this is #tradeBargnani who I am going to assume has been moved for pieces (backup PG and backup wing).

    **for the record, not suggesting this plausible or possible, just having fun on a Saturday night with my wife out and kids in bed**

    EDIT: Dammit. I hate it when you take off the blinders and realize that if the Bucks could essentially get Gay for all of their assets, well, why wouldn't they take Gay instead of helping Toronto land him. If the Bucks took him on they'd have 11 players under contract for next season with a payroll of about $67.9M assuming Jennings was resigned for $10M, Ilyasova was kept, and Ellis was not traded while exercising his option. I guess it would all depend on how much money Milwaukee wanted to spend and if they thought they could compete with that team.

    EDIT 2: But wait, there is more. Lets assume Bargnani is dealt and Derrick Williams comes back in any package i.e. Raps facilitate a Gasol to Minny deal. Again, don't worry about the players, just look at salary numbers: Raps would also be able to trade Williams immediately after obtaining as it would be (hypothetically, of course) a 1-for-1 trade to get Ilyasova. Raps would also keep Anderson. So if you were Milwaukee, would you rather go ahead with a Jennings-DeRozan-Williams trio or a Jennings-Ellis-Gay trio? Ellis could leave this summer or next summer as an UFA. Jennings-DD-Williams would be about $25M over the next 2 years while Jennings-Ellis-Gay would be about $39M.... and Williams could very well be a bust.

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    Raptors receive: Rudy Gay, Josh Selby
    Bobcats receive: Andrea Bargnani, Quincy Acy
    Grizzlies receive: Jose Calderon, Jeff Taylor, DeSagana Diop, Raptors 2013 2nd round pick, Charlotte 2013 1st round pick via Pistons.

    Raptors get Star SF, quality backup PG with scoring ability potential.

    Bobcats get frontcourt mate for Mullens in Bargnani. Acy for depth.

    Grizzlies get 2 expiring contracts in Diop and Calderon, and Jeff Taylor, a defensive minded swingman with great motor, potential to lockdown defender at the 2/3 in the coming seasons.

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