Toronto receives
Rudy gay
Josh Selby

Phoenix receives
Andrea Bargnani
Sacramento 2014 2nd round pick via Toronto
Toronto 2013 2nd round pick

Memphis receives
Jose Calderon
Michael Beasley
Alan Anderson
Minnesota 1st round pick via Phoenix

Why Toronto?
Rudy gay. That is all.

Why Phoenix?
Beasley isn't the player he was expected to be when they signed him, so they drop his massive contract. They get Bargnani to back up scola and start when scola retires or leaves as a free agent.

Why Memphis?
Key here is cap space. They're deep into the tax and Memphis isn't exactly a big market. They get 10 million dollars off the books from Calderon at the end of the season and get rid of Rudy gays large contract. Hopefully with a change of scenery michael Beasley can perform better or not. First rounder evens it out. Anderson has been playing great and has shown he can 100% be a serviceable backup

Toronto lineup
Kyle Lowry/John Lucas/Josh Selby
Demar Derozan/Terrence Ross
Rudy Gay/Landry Fields/Mickael Pietrus
Ed Davis/Quincy Acy
Jonas Valanciunas/Amir Johnson/Aaron Gray