Not So Fast, Celtics!
This morning HOOPSWORLD’s Alex Kennedy reported that the Boston Celtics are preparing for a blockbuster trade, citing league sources. Many immediately assumed that the Celtics were on the verge of acquiring Sacramento Kings center DeMarcus Cousins, which made sence given the issues he’s had fitting in with Sacramento. Since that story broke, however, it has become clear that the Kings are not open to the Celtics’ overtures, as both USA Today’s Sam Amick and the Sacramento Bee’s Jason Jones have tweeted that the Kings are not the least bit inclined to send Cousins to Boston.
Rudy Gay’s name also came up in trade speculation, but that seems just as unlikely as a Cousins deal with Boston. Both the Kings and the Grizzlies would be looking for marquee talent in any deal, and the Celtics are talking about moving the scraps around Kevin Garnett, Rajon Rondo, Avery Bradley and Paul Pierce. It’s unlikely they’re going to pull an All-Star caliber player with an offer of Jeff Green, Courtney Lee, Jason Terry and Brandon Bass, for example.
To be considered a blockbuster, however, there usually has to be a big name involved, so if the Celtics aren’t sending one out the assumption is that they must be bringing one in.
One interesting possibility might be Toronto’s Andrea Bargnani, who is clearly not in the team’s plan moving forward. Unlike the Kings and Grizzlies, the Raptors might see a Bargnani move as addition by subtraction, an improvement unto itself, and Toronto might see a package involving Jeff Green as more of a help to the group that has played so well with Bargnani on the bench.
Does Bargnani make the Celtics radically better? Perhaps. Not the way Rudy Gay or DeMarcus Cousins would. Still, if the offer from Boston doesn’t involve any of their core players, Andrea Bargnani might be the most they could hope to land.

What do you guys think of a deal to move bargnani for jeff green? He was on the verge of becoming an elite 3 man when he was forced to miss a year of basketball because of a heart issue, he has had surgery and the doctors say he has made a full recovery.

He has been underperforming lately averaging just 9.4 pts and 3.1 reb a game while shooting 41% from the field and 33 % from 3 pt land in 23 min. But his career numbers are quite decent 13.4 pts/5.3 reb while shooting 45% from the field and 33% from 3 pt land. Also being a former OKC player and a current Celtics player you know he has been well coached on the defensive side of the ball.

His contract is not pretty either, he is owed about 9 million a year until 2015/2016 (which is a player option year). Could be the answer for us at the SF position. One thing I like about Jeff Green is that he has SIZE he is 6'9 235lbs at the 3 position, we are talking Lebron James, Carmelo Anthony, and Rudy Gay size.