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Further more, Go here and have a look at the possible Small Forwards hitting Free Agency this year.

Out of ALL of them, Dorrell Wright is the only one that is a legit option in my opinion. All the others are either on Team Options which are sure to be picked up, or Player Options which are also sure to be picked up, or I'm just not interested.
Here's the catch though: you aren't looking at the length of Green's deal, just next year. You'd just be replacing one millstone with another.

Furthermore, I didn't say I'd be looking to sign a free agent SF for the same money, now did I? Maybe BC would be, but I wouldn't. I'd much rather amnesty Bargs as a last resort, then plug roster holes with cheap vets until you can either let one of the current core develop into something worth building around, or make a trade with your assets for a legit franchise player (and if it were me, I'd tank for 2014, but I realize that's not gonna fly). Why add on a terrible contract that's just going to turn into Bargs 2.0: a guy that's overpaid because of the 'potential' that he fails to realize year after year? I really don't understand what people see in Jeff Green...