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Thread: BC Isn't Going Anywhere Raptors Fans

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    Default BC Isn't Going Anywhere Raptors Fans

    This is a little follow-up to yesterday's blurb about the Nets going after Colangelo this summer. It would appear as though via Adnan Virk that the MLSE will be picking up BC's option year of his contract.

    Bryan Colangelo, the president and general manager of the club, is a smooth individual. I had a chance to speak with him at length with the club approaching the all-star break and outwardly, remains reasonably pleased with the club's forward progress. He has an option after this season ends which is not his own but told me that everything he's been told by the bosses is that it will be picked up and Colangelo will return for next season and beyond. As hes said many times, hes committed to building a winner in Toronto and on the basketball side of things, business is operating well.
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    He just needs to keep his picks, draft well and ill be happy
    He has bulit a solid foundation and now is just a piece or two away.
    I trust him, and i would be happy to see him here long term

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    Colangelo's reputation may have been based on a short resume, and I've questioned his affinity for Euro-talent but I agree with INFO and Adnan.

    I think the next step is to bring in a wing that can help Demar develop. I agree with DD's minutes but as an example. and due to his cachet today on the forums, Iggy could show him where his game can go and would give us the type of lineup you see in playoff contenders.

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