I was struck by what the Oklahoma City Thunder's bloggers had to say in their post-game wrap-up:

First, they complemented Jose's defence - which we do too rarely on this site:

"The only OKC player who saw any sort of struggle was Russell Westbrook. Matched up against the equally big Jose Calderon and forced to play a half-court game, it definitely wasn't the type of ball he normally flourishes in. But given his circumstances, I'd say that he performed admirably."

Then, they complemented Casey's lineups - which again we don't see too much of:

"Another thing I might point out about tonight's game is that the Raptors really don't have such a thing as "starters" and "bench". It's more like "Team A" and "Team B". In other words, the Thunder allowed a huge run in the second not because of any inherent weakness, but moreso because Alan Anderson and Kyle Lowry were playing against the Thunder bench, rather than Mickael Pietrus and Jose Calderon. It's a wily move by Dwayne Casey, and one that allowed his team to take a five point lead in the second quarter."

It's refreshing to see other people appreciate what we have ...