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Thread: Memphis Blow-Up?

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    Default Memphis Blow-Up?

    What's with Memphis? They're 22-10 (at the time of this writing) and holding their opponents below 90 points. First, they're shopping Gay

    Now, they're exploring Randolph trade?

    I understand that the owner is cheap and that they're in a small market but they're a very good team! As for implications, what does this mean to the Raps if any?
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    Probably nothing to raptors as much as I'd like Randolph or Gay. And they believe despite how well their playing, they're not contenders yet. To me they'll move one not both of them, in order to move one step higher and become legit contenders not just limboing 1st or 2nd round playoff exits like Atlanta

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    I wouldn't put much stock into Memphis rumours. They've always been looking to make trades that just never happen. Wouldn't surprise me if this is them just putting something in the media to motivate Gay.

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