So The Lakers are in tough even to make the playoffs this season. With Nash, Howard, Bryant and Pau on the team with other very good players such as MWP, Jamison to name a couple, they are having a hard time winning games.

And to make matters worse, the guy BC went all in for has already given up on the season with 50 games still to go. What kind of a leader was he suppose to be for our young guys when he has already thrown in the towel? Sure that will not go over well in LA LA Land.

I for one am happy that we didn't get him this summer and even though we might not make the playoffs, I'm proud of our guys for not throwing in the towel.

There is a God because as bad as we thought we had it, we knew that we would have to work out asses off to even squeak into the 8th spot. LA was in talks of winning it all! That puts a little padding on the blow of the hard season we are having so far.

Keep your chin up boys, and keep playing hard. Couple years away and we will be in the right place all the time!