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This isn't going to happen because Memphis is going to want to ask for the moon for Gay. What Vancouver is asking isn't as high for Luongo. It's just that Burke feels that the Canucks should just give him away (given his albatross contract). Ross was offered for Gay prior to the 2012 draft (# 8 pick that is) but they declined. Raps really have nothing to offer by way of picks. I've cooled off on Gay a bit.
the thing i am worried about mlse is that they fired burke because he bulked at the idea of getting luongo which makes sense why they decided to fire him now. mlse only cares about making money then winning a championship so maybe his replacement was instructed to swing for the fences and get loungo so they could make the playoffs this year but with the talent they got and loss for getting that goalie, they wont get far.