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Rudy Gay leads Memphis in usage rate with a career-high of 25.84, his TS% is a career-low 48.7, 44% of his shots are assisted. Inside 9 ft he shoots 53.8% on 6.5 attempts per game. Between 10-23ft Rudy shoots 39.2% on 5.6 attempts. 32.3 3P% on 3.3 attempts. 0.25 FT rate, second lowest in his career. Career high is 0.31


Demar's usage rate is 23.99, TS% of 52.5, 52% of his shots are assisted, down from 63.8% last year. Inside 9ft he shoots 61.6% on 6 attempts per game. Between 10-23ft Demar shoots 37.8% on 6.6 attempts. 30.9 3P%, 1.7 attempts. Career low 0.32 FT rate, 0.37 last year.

And how does DeMar compare to Gay on the other side of the ball?