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Thread: Chisholm sums up reality of any Rudy Gay deal

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    I'm in favour of acquiring Gay but we shouldn't necessarily be the aggressors in the trade. If Memphis really wants to unload that contract we would have the upper hand. Especially if other teams are rejecting the Grizz offers.

    Despite the contract size and Gay's mediocre defense we need him. He would be a piece that helps us win a unit a la Bulls, nuggets, jazz or Grizz. Someone who can handle the ball in the last 10 seconds. Hopefully we move Bargs (and his contract) if Gay came north.
    I disagree. I think BC should be aggressive in getting this trade done, but not at the expense of giving too much in return. Im not sure if giving up too much is what you meant by "aggressive", if it is, then i agree with you. I think BC should always be aggressive in pursuing trades that can benefit the team.

    Im not sure where people are getting "mediocre" when describing Gay's defense. Memphis was the 8th best defensive team 2 years ago, 5th best last year and #1 this year. Gay plays 37 mins a game, surely he's a big contributor to Memphis' defense since he plays heavy minutes. And his individual DRating is 105, 102 and 99 respectively. compared to lebron who was 102,97 and 103, who plays the same position and has been considered numerous times for DPOY.

    This is actually my selling point with Gay, the ability to handle the ball in the crucial seconds of the game, something that the Raptors have been lacking for quite sometime, and which i think is a skill highly underrated and undervalued. You need a guy who can do this.
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