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Robbie (Memphis)

Chad, what do you think Memphis will do with Rudy Gay? Keeping his contract after this season is impossible to do! Assuming they resign Tony Allen and guys like Wayne Ellington, keeping Gay will cost the Grizzlies a fortune. What do you think will happen?
Chad Ford
(1:12 PM)

Based on Lionel Hollins' recent comments disparaging advanced statistics and arguing that the Grizzlies need to keep Gay - he must feel like the Grizzlies are going to move him. Seemed like a direct shot across the bow of new Grizzlies exec John Hollinger. If there really is a mandate from ownership to stop the financial bleeding, Gay is the best asset they have move ... and there is a lot of interest. I think he's gone.
Maybe the asking price comes down? I'd do Calderon and ED in an instant. Both those guys have high PER's which should be pleasing to Mr. Hollinger and the trade would get them under the luxury tax.... if not throw in Selby or someone and they are there.