First off, during last night's game. Matt and Leo didn't announce that Ross is out till midway thru the 1st quarter. What's up with that? total bush league in my opinion. Ross is one of the most important bench player on this team.

Other things that i don't like:

Sideline Reporter - Why can't Sportsnet and TSN get a sideline reporter to cover what's going on with the team during the game? and also to interview players during halftime and after the game? Jack and Leo have done a great job interviewing players during halftime but i never feel like they're comfortable doing it. Can't really blame them because that's not their line.

Halftime Show - TSN's "Fastbreak" show is a joke. Instead of talking about what's going on around the league or other teams. How about talk about what's going on in the game that you're covering? Same with Sportsnet, heck Sportsnet's halftime show with Grange is a BIGGER joke. It's like a ripoff of Fastbreak but worse.

The Raptors isn't getting much respect in my opinion. Whenever i watch an NHL game on TSN or CBC or Sportsnet. They've done a great job covering the game. Pre-game show, post game show, 1st and 2nd intermissions, all very well done.

Same with Blue Jays baseball on Sportsnet. Pre-game show, post game show, they've done a great job covering the game and the Blue Jays. The addition of Blue Jays Central with Campbell and Zaun really makes the show much more entertaining to watch.

Why can't they do the same thing with the Raptors?