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I have to say that (except for the singing) I've always appreciated Jack. And I took another look at Matt ( who I thought was too smarmy America), when the NBA had him for some of the high profile playoff games. He's considered one of the best and it's little things like that that can change the perception of the league. Still miss Chuck...that one hurt.
Me too.....

the problem with our broadcasts is that these guys come off far too much like they are fans who travel with the team..i.e. that they're emotionally invested with the players. I think that is the truth, don't get me wrong, but that means we will usually get either a string of whining when we're not playing well, or complete over the top excitement for basic plays like rebounding (like when matt devlin uses a raspy voice to go "ANDREA WITH THE REBOUND")

I think this is acceptable if you are fun to listen to like Chuck was (and I always loved how leo was jealous of his catch phrases)

But I would like some more objectivity in my broadcasts, similar to the way they have it on TNT. The one announcer with a former player or coach like Reggie Miller, or JVG is always much better to listen to because they know the game, and they speak about things realistically.

We spend all day talking to our friends about the games, we don't need another fan's perspective. Let's get some real knowledge from these people

P.S. no more changing the camera angle when we have a fast break....they ruined T-ross' windmill this year