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Thread: My problem with Raptors broadcasts

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    Quote NoPropsneeded wrote: View Post
    Maybe he was having a bad day? you never know
    Maybe. I mean, like I said, it seemed kind of randomly unfriendly, so it is definitely possible he was having a shit day. So I was wondering if others have similer, or better, stories.

    *Like, when I started to lift my hand to shake his, he looked at it, turned and walked away.
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    Quote Rapstor4Life wrote: View Post
    I Lol'd

    Its true I dont get why everyone is so obsessed with Swirski... he was goddam annoying say what you want about Matt and Leo you can at least talk to them if you ever see them, especially Matt pretty down to Earth dude ran into him and Leo after a game and we spoke no problem they know they are just commentators not Hollywood movie stars too important to speak with the common folk... The current iteration of Raps commentators are at least for the most part regular guys.
    I'm jealous some of you guys even the opportunity to run into commentators or players. Lucky!

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