Just throwing it out there, but was thinking if the possible sale of the Sacramento Kings to the Seattle based owners goes through they may follow a common path of stripping their team down to a bare minimum. I beleive this is usually done in order for the new owners to take on the least amount of salary obligations, give them the best shot at a foundational draft peice to build around in the subsequent draft (in this case wiggins), and allow them to start fresh with their own picks, free agents etc.. Teams usually try and acquire as many small contracts and draft picks as possible so this should mean a fire sale for the Kings.

Really the only things the Raptors could offer them which would be of any interest are players on rookie scale contracts, $$ and our first round pick in the 2014 draft. Since we will very likely have no shot at Wiggins it might be someting the Raptors look to offer Sacramento in exchange for some talent. Though Cousins is a talent I personally wouldn't want any part of him, but if the Raptors were to trade one of Amir or Ed Davis in the proposed trade for Rudy Gay and if AB is indeed a "lock" to be traded or amnestied then we would be a bit short handed at PF.

I was really high on Thomas Robinson going into last years draft and though he has not played up to expectations I'm still super high on him. He has a great motor, was an incredible leader in college, hard worker and has a passion for winning. Any thoughts on trading our 2014 first round pick for T-Rob or for that matter is there any other player on the Kings roster which you think might be worth trading for?