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Depends on who you are offering the money to, if they will take it, if you have to overpay (history says yes), if they fill a position of need, and if you want that cap space to be the only tool for adding talent besides the $2.5M exception.


From the free agents, who is worth $10M? I think Millsap. But then what happens to ED/Amir? At SF, I don't see anyone worth $10M. I like Wright though. What about backup PG? If you go SG what happens to DD or Ross? C? Again, what about ED/Amir/ and now JV?
All great points. I nothing says that we have to spend it all on one guy either. I don't know what the answer is, but don't feel that trading Jose is the only viable option as it is being presented by many. If we resign him to a reasonable contract, then we have our PG tandem intact. I don't care who starts, don't have any agendas regarding either PG, as long as we win I am happy with the tandem. With the remaining money and assests that you have outlined above we can potentially secure a player or players that fit better in to our system. I agree on the overpaying comment, but Gay is hugely overpaid, to me makes Demar's extension look pretty reasonable.